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Quality creative coaching, facilitation and mentoring for Business, Mental Health and Education

Welcome to Cognivity, a facilitation, mentoring and coaching enterprise. I hope you can find all the information you require in the following pages, including my services, my qualifications and testimonials Please contact me directly for any additional information, thank you Eileen Lister.

Cognivity’s focus is people, and people are only effective in pursuing their goals when there is a clarity of purpose linked to vision, values and actions. When people are supported, inspired and encouraged to express themselves they naturally feel motivated to reach their full potential.
“Eileen shows integrity and intelligence in her work. Working with her in a community context has been a pleasure. She is sensitive to a wide variety of contexts and thorough in her planning and delivery, getting the best out of her team and not scared to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in!.”
Lisa Harty, Freelance Arts Consultant

Today we are challenged to consider new ways of achieving more for less. Less money, less time, less people and resources working hard to gain more money, more productivity, more results, more business and more happiness. I work with people so that they can sucessfully achieve more with less. In order to be successful, achieve and maintain a competitive edge, organisations and more importantly those people within them require the skills to think and work creatively with, ingenuity and imagination.

Facilitating and coaching creatively is at the heart of what I do: facilitating business success and coaching individuals to embrace their strengths and the challenges ahead of them

Cognivity aims at all times to recognise peoples strengths, values and goals also offer the most appropriate form of development for the individuals concerned, realising the many tangible and intangible benefits obtained by delivering safe, yet challenging, empathic and supportive training, coaching, mentoring and teaching.

With 23 years of technical, managerial and teaching experience gained whilst in industry, manufacturing, business, educational and training establishments;
Cognivity has successfully:

• Enabled individuals and groups to achieve specific, measurable goals
• Delivered training and teaching programs in industry and education
• Supported teams in their development including conflict resolution
• Developed and implemented improved cost effective systems
• Increased productivity
• Reduced return rates and claim costs
• Improved quality on a wide range of merchandise world wide
• Defined and made transparent departmental roles
• Improved manufacturing methods
• Implemented cost effective quality systems
• Reduced transport costs and identified problematic infrastructures
• Addressed and acted upon environmental issues improving sustainability