Coaching and Mentoring

Inspire : Challenge : Transform

“The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another” Downey (2003)

Perhaps you are a student at school or university wishing to improve current grades or subject development. Coaching or Mentoring can help you do this.

Perhaps you would like to change direction at work or make personal changes.
Coaching will enable you to effectively achieve these outcomes.

Coaching, (which is not advice, therapy, or counselling) may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general issues in someones life. These may include issues of health, relationships, work or personal transition or redundancy.

Mentoring is more long-term, focus is on education, career and personal development. A mentor is like a sounding board, they can direct, advise or teach and a mentor is biased in your favour to help and support. They are facilitators and teachers allowing you the mentee to discover and grow.

Please use the contact page to contact me for more information on appointments and fees or call Eileen on 07742312828

Coaching for Individuals. One to one sessions of one hour.
Student Coaching or Mentoring – for GCSE, A Level, Degree and Masters students (please contact Eileen for list of subject specialisms)
Personal Development Coaching – for anyone wishing to focus on any aspect of self development, performance or health and wellbeing.
Wellness Coaching – predominantly for those managing mental ill health.
Business and Organisational Coaching – for individuals, teams and organisations wishing to focus on new challenges, business developments, productivity, manufacturing including global developments for import and export.

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“Eileen became my mentor in the 2nd year of my Degree at PCA, we worked together weekly right through to completion and my being awarded a 1st Class Honours. When I met Eileen I had already identified certain areas where I had become blocked, personal blocks which were preventing me from moving forward at the pace required for my studies.
I looked forward to my sessions with Eileen which were arranged in a flexible way, with excellent communication, she never let me down or turned up late, usually allowing me extra time if I had a pressing matter. I never felt hurried in a session, she gave me her full attention, I really felt she cared, and that together we would cope with any issue that came up, whether academic, artistic, social or emotional.
Many times I would arrive at a session hardly able to speak or articulate the challenges I was facing in my studies. Imperceptibly Eileen would do her work and without my knowing how, by the end of the session I felt empowered to take on what had seemed insurmountable.
This is her great talent as a coach and mentor; by being able to nurture my self-belief, she showed me through practical examples and a consistent, genuine interest and understanding of my challenges that I could cope and that with her support I would be very soon be standing on my own two feet unaided.

Charlotte, Designer