Facilitation and Training

Inspire : Challenge : Transform

Cognivity’s focus is people, and people are only effective in pursuing their goals when there is a clarity of purpose linked to vision, values and actions. When people are supported, inspired and encouraged to express themselves they naturally feel motivated to reach their full potential.
“Eileen shows integrity and intelligence in her work. Working with her in a community context has been a pleasure. She is sensitive to a wide variety of contexts and thorough in her planning and delivery, getting the best out of her team and not scared to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in!.”
Lisa Harty, Freelance Arts Consultant

*Today we are challenged to consider new ways of achieving more for less. Less money, less time, less people and resources yet better productivity. Cognivity supports people to develop their strengths, realise and build upon their exisitng skills and grow in confidence and self esteem.

Cognivity facilitate a wide range of workshops and programmes, predominantly using creativity as a catalyst for change, improvement and new approaches to thinking. So whether you are an organisation or team wanting to ignite new ideas, or a business wishing to start shipping to China we can support your training. We can design a workshop, run a team coaching session to focus on an issue or goal, generally get things moving for you.

Action Learning
Action Learning is a collaborative learning method drawing on real experience and actual practice, supporting the view that the most effective learning takes place when real problems are the basis of study. Introduced by Reg Revans in the 1940s, Action Learning serves to work on specific problems by exploring solutions and actions in a group setting know as a ‘set’. Widely used by both the private and public sectors Action Learning is seen as a powerful problem solving tool.
Action learning can also make a major contribution to organisational change by freeing up inflexible or traditional thinking and finding new solutions to respond to changing environments. It can be used to introduce or reinforce a new style of leadership or to help members understand or implement their part of a general change program.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eileen and found her to be an excellent manager with both thorough technical knowledge that was complemented by a number of other “soft” management skills. Over the next 6 years I observed her leadership abilities which allowed her to excel in managing a very large multicultural team. I also noted a strong and effective intuitive element in her approach to quality control matters such as root cause analysis- where the more standard approach in the industry is to a greater degree primarily scientific”
Gordon McEwan
Vice President (Regulatory, Quality Assurance and Testing) Warnaco Inc (NY)